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Coolest jobs today’s Western Sydney kids could have because of the airport

Jobs of the future

The future is bright as Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport is set to bring a jobs boom to communities across Sydney's west.

That doesn’t just mean more jobs, but also more highly skilled, well-paying jobs close to where locals live - both at the airport and in the surrounding Aerotropolis. 

With the airport on track to welcome its first passengers in late 2026, here’s a look at five of the coolest jobs Western Sydney’s kids could have because of Western Sydney International.

Drone Specialist

Drones are being used more and more in all kinds of fields. You’ll find them on construction sites, at power stations and supporting emergency services. They can help assess building structures, survey construction and deliver anything from life-saving medical supplies to your favourite pizza! (Just hold the pineapple.)

It's likely drones will play a big role in the Western Sydney of the future. As they become more common, we'll need people to build them, program them and arguably the most fun job - fly them!

University lecturer

Some of Australia’s biggest universities are joining forces to create a “multiversity” in the Aerotropolis next to Western Sydney International. All the exciting things happening because of the airport, like the futuristic industries moving in to create jobs, will need a fair amount of brain power and that means university lecturers will be in even higher demand in Western Sydney before you know it.
University Lecturer

Network Security Analyst

With an expected 10 million passengers flying into Western Sydney International within a few years of opening, there will be loads of super sensitive information that analysts need to keep safe. Network security analysts design and monitor computer networks containing all this sensitive data. They use a range of very clever digital tools to monitor activity and identify any potential vulnerabilities to ensure everyone’s info stays in the right hands. 

A woman enveloped in binary code

Robotics engineer

High-tech manufacturing is a sector that’s shown plenty of interest in the airport precinct. The key to advanced manufacturing is robotics – and robots need plenty of people to build them, program them and help keep them running smoothly. If your child is already showing a talent for numbers, this might be the future job for them. 

Jobs we haven't even heard of yet! 

Technology moves so fast that it is quite likely that the coolest jobs created by Western Sydney International haven’t even been invented yet! As we’re designing the airport we’re thinking forward and considering how tomorrow’s technology will come together with great design and customer service to create a seamless, stress-free experience. Technology is integral to our success and with rapid advancements, we’re betting plenty of today’s Western Sydney kids will be leaders in jobs we haven’t heard of yet.

A futuristic aircraft
With Western Sydney's brightest minds at work in and around the Airport... who knows what the future holds?